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Wedding Gifts…

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Today couples seem to be moving away from the tradition of wedding gifts and prefer to ask for money for a specific project, holiday or experience, or for a donation to a charity, though at NS we still just love the idea of guests giving beautifully wrapped wedding gifts.

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5 Amazing Bold Bride Ideas

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Let start with nails, every bold bride can achieve bold colourful nails with very little expense

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8 Simple DIY Wedding Centrepieces

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Centrepieces lend a decorative note to your reception tables. They can be formal, simple, romantic or playful, the choice is yours to fit in with your wedding theme.  I have put together eight simple ideas for DIY wedding centrepieces

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Wedding Watch – Spring Wedding Details

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At NS we just love this time of year. Spring seems to bring in new life, and we find the spring wedding details are always bright and cheerful, with a mass of vivid colour. By just embracing some of  the spring colours

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Yorkshire Dales Wedding

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Recently Norah Sleep styled a beautiful rustic themed Yorkshire Dales wedding, which was a very low key affair to celebrate the couple’s relationship with family and friends in a fun environment.

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A Few Fresh Wedding Ideas

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Buck the current wedding trends with a few fresh wedding ideas. After reviewing the popular wedding trends over the summer NS feels a little modernisation would not go amiss

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Norah’s Wedding Thoughts

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Do couples really need to be spending obscene amounts of money on one day?

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Wedding Thank You Notes

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We send out wedding invitations to our chosen wedding guests to announce a forthcoming wedding celebration, but what about after the wedding?

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Be Instantly Inspired By These Blue Wedding Details

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Every bride and groom wants to stamp their own identity on their wedding day, but starting with a blank canvas can be quite daunting.

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Wedding Events at John Lewis

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John Lewis is holding Wedding Events in selected stores, 7th and 8th May  and 15th and 16th October, from 6-8pm unless otherwise stated.

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