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June 2, 2014

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Fairytale wedding day

Do couples really need to be spending obscene amounts of money on one day?

My wedding thoughts are that weddings today have a much more collective style, and almost anything goes. With couples having such easy access to lots of different wedding ideas through the internet, from real weddings, DIY wedding sites to wedding design sites it is much easier to create a distinctive wedding style to suit the wedding budget and the couples’ personality, without spending large amounts of  cash.

Should I use Professional help?

It is totally up to the wedding couple; for some couples professional help is needed for wedding organisation or to create an individual wedding style, though it does not have to be expensive. Often professionals can get some great deals from fabulous wedding suppliers, so couples can save money even after paying a professional fee. Plus, today most wedding professionals offer different wedding packages so help can be tailored to where it is needed.

Wedding ideas

How do I start to create my own wedding style?

For an overall wedding design it is taking an idea or a theme and, with a little thinking outside the box, being a little creative making that idea a reality. Personally, I always start with a vision or theme and I think through the ways that it can be achieved; some of the simplest of ideas create the prefect ambience.

What is the most important wedding objective?

For me the most important wedding objective is to reflect the couple’s personal style and tell their story, so whether it is a wedding at home, in a hall or in a hotel, it is about creating those important memories that can be treasured forever.  It is also creating a wedding that will grow old gracefully over time, rather than something that will immediately look dated.

Dressing a hall

What is the key element for a wedding at home?

When considering a wedding at the family home space is the key element; is the house big enough or is additional space required, such as a marquee, barn or outbuilding to host the reception in.  Whatever space is used, if dressed appropriately, filled with ample tables and seating, embellished with beautiful linen and flowers, it will ensure a dream wedding.

What to do about wedding food?

Anything is possible from a simple hog roast, a seasonal buffet to a full wedding banquet. All are extremely enjoyable when you are surround by close friends and family. The food is a personal thing and as long as the cost is in keeping with the budget and is chosen wisely. Remember food is one thing that can really make your wedding day. When it comes to caterers I like go with recommendations.  One of my brides wanted her granny’s  favourite apple tart for the wedding desert and it just made the wedding meal a little more special.

Pink Cupcakes

What are the best wedding favours?

Some of my brides have asked their Mum or Grandma to make a family favourites, from strawberry jam to cupcakes, and I feel this adds a more personal touch to a wedding.

For me a wedding doesn’t have to be a grand affair or expensive.  I believe a wedding is one of the greatest celebrations where two people and their families come together for a joyous ocassion, providing great memories for years to come.

The decor can be low key or flamboyant to suit the wedding style. There will always be a few compromises when trying to please everyone involved.

Weddings are lots of fun to organise, but if it is too stressful then a professional is always on hand to help with colour, style and overall themes.

They can also negotiate on your behalf for discount prices; today most wedding professionals offer different packages so that you can have help where needed. 

Do not be afraid to ask and tailor your requirements to suit.

Love, Luck & Happiness,

Norah X

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