Freshly Picked Garden Wedding Flowers

March 24, 2014

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Pick your own wedding flowers

Everyone seems to be going mad for freshly picked garden wedding flowers at the moment, with brides desiring a country garden look for their hand tied bouquet or wedding table centre-pieces.  

I have even noticed our local farm shop is now doing pick your own garden wedding flowers. These locations where you can pick your own wedding flowers seem  to be popping up everywhere.

So here are  a couple of my tips for picking your own garden wedding flowers:

I find the best time to pick garden flowers is early morning before the heat gets into the sun. I always put them straight into a bucket of cold water, otherwise for me they always seem to start to droop, or even worse die, once inside. I leave the freshly picked flowers in water for a few hours in a cool place such as a garage or shed before putting them in a clean vase. My florist Angie always advises this whenI get flowers from her.

Garden wedding flowers

When using glass vases, I find adding a few drops of bleach to hot water works well to kill any germs, and  they come out sparkling. I also have a lot of old mismatched vintage china I use for displaying flowers. I find old china tea cups, sugar bowls, milk jugs or even teapots are most effective, especially for old fashioned scented flowers such as roses or sweet peas, although anything flowering in the garden will do.  Matching the cup to the saucer is not important I find, as long as the colours blend and they are both fine china. I also like to put garden flowers in a tin jug, or anything I can get my hands on that fits the theme, fancy jam jars make great vases or even baked bean tins.

China milk jug

Red poppies

In summer I have  some beautiful red poppies growing in the garden and by mixing in a few tall grasses I find I can create a lovely meadow feel for a marquee wedding, I am told by my florist Angie that poppies last longer when you pop the stems in boiling water for a few seconds, as they do soon drop.

Garden poppy

Herbs are another great vase filler, lemon balm, apple mint and rosemary grows like weeds in my garden and is great to fill in the gaps, plus it gives off a lovely aroma if you brush past it.

Wedding table centrepiece

If you are think of doing your own wedding flowers, I feel it is better to choose one thing to do that is manageable, rather than taking on too much and so be under too much pressure to enjoy your day.  Let the professionals do the rest.

One tip if you are making your own bouquet. Leave it in a cool place out of direct sunlight until you need it, and keep giving it a light spray of cold water to keep it fresh.  These are all valuable tips I have learned  from Angie when I have delivered bridal flowers from her to my bride.

If fresh flowers are not your thing,  there are lots of  artificial flowers or jewelled bouquets available at the moment- more about them later.

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