Cheesy Wedding Cake Ideas

October 19, 2013

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A cheese wedding cake? Yes, really, like this fabulous cheese cake designed by Katie Watts of  Couture Cakes. Wedding cakes made of cheese seem to be becoming more and more fashionable, replacing the traditional fruit or sponge tower.

For me it is just really an oversized stylish cheeseboard in the shape of a tiered cake. However, it does bring a visual statement to your wedding celebration, especially when beautifully decorated.

I find it is one wedding element where the groom does seem to get excited and involved choosing the cheeses.

Some couples decide to go for both options: a traditional iced wedding cake and an oversized cheese wedding cake, which allows the traditional cutting of the wedding cake to stay.

When it comes to sourcing a cheese tower most good caterers or wedding cake designers, such as one of my local favourites,  Salt’s Catering, or the celebrity cake designer Katie Watts of Couture Cakes, are able to do so for you to your very own cheese specification.

Though there are several specialist cheese companies who will help you design and build a cheese tower tailored to your favourite cheeses.

The high street also sells fabulous cheese wedding cakes but they are a pre-determined selection of cheeses. And, for adventurous couples, building your very own cheese wedding cake can be lots of fun.

5 Cheese wedding tower

A Cheese Celebration from M&S

Celebrate with cheese

A Wedding Cheese Cake From Waitrose

Here are some simple wedding cheese tower tips:

First take a look at this fabulous cheese website, The Cheese Shed, where you can have a go at designing a wedding cheese tower.

celebration cheese cake

The Fine Cheese Co Beth Celebration Cheese Cake From John Lewis

One of the  first tasks is to select the cheeses. Do research to find out which cheeses your family and wedding guests like. Have a cheese taste test and if you are unsure use a good cheese board selection to guide you.

Think about a nice balance of flavours and types of cheese. One starting point is a hard cheese, followed by a blue cheese and finishing with a soft cheese.

The shape, colour and texture are important to get the correct look to fit with the rest of the wedding style.  For example a blue wedding colour scheme can have a blue stilton cheese tower.

Cheese display

Image courtesy of Salt’s Catering

Most caterers allow 4oz (100g) of cheese per person on average. At first I thought this was far too much, but I have been proved wrong as there has not been a single cheese crumb left at my events. However, If there is some cheese left it can be frozen.

Keeping with the wedding cake tradition three to five tiers of cheese is ideal. Each tier will need to be of a different size, starting large, reducing the size as you build the cheese tower.

Cheese mice

Image Courtesy of Salt’s Catering

Smaller cheeses, heart shaped cheeses, cheese mice, fresh figs, grapes or apples, dried apricots, walnuts and even fresh herbs and flowers are all great ideas for embellishing the cheese tower.

Cake of Cheese

Helena Tiered Cake Of Cheese from Cheese Not Cake available at  Not On The High Street

To display the cheese wedding cake you can use a traditional wedding cake stand; or stacked directly onto a table; or placed on a rustic slice of wood;  or displayed on a large piece of slate or a large piece of cool marble.

The cheese wedding cake can be served with crusty French bread, spiced buns, oat cakes, fruit cake or a variety of savoury cheese biscuits. On the side serve jars of different pickles and chutneys, these are also great to give as wedding favours.

You can use a smaller version of a cheese tower for a wedding table centrpiece, instead of flowers.

Finally follow the lead of top restaurants where the cheeseboard is an additional course, following the desert, and it is thought that certain cheeses are very good for the digestive system.  Plus nibbling on cheese can prevent people drinking too much.

Main Image courtesy of Salt’s Catering

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