Cute Flower Girl Dresses

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Most brides are  trying to save a little and it is not easy to make savings when planning a wedding.  The good news is that the high street  is starting to look at the wedding market seriously, with many launching a range of cute flower girl dresses as part of their wedding collection. 

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Beautiful Bridal Harmony – Gold & Cream

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Be inspired by what you see when it comes to wedding style and a cream and gold colour palette will ensure true bridal harmony.

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Glamorous Wedding Shoes

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The one accessory I adore is a pair of beautiful shoes and I feel they can simply dress up any outfit if chosen wisely. 

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Best Dressed Wedding Guests

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With the wedding season approaching fast, wedding guests are starting to search out  those special statement outfits to stand out from the crowd and be the best dressed wedding guests.  Keeping it fresh, light and elegant is the key to looking fabulous.

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Fantasy Weddings!

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Imagine you are wearing a most elegant wedding gown and arriving at the church in style in your very own horse drawn carriage, ready to marry the man of your dreams.arriving 

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Latest Bridal Collection From Monsoon.

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It may be cold and wet outside and weddings may be the last thing on your mind, but for future brides Monsoon has just graced us with its latest Bridal Collection for 2014. This collection will quickly make you forget those winter wedding blues and kick start you into planning your wedding attire.

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Perfect Wedding Accessories

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Choosing the correct wedding accessories to wear with your wedding dress can be difficult, as for most of us, it is not every day you get to wear an extra special dress and have the spotlight on you all day.

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Feathers and Frills for Your Wedding

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Feathers and frills are being used more and more for wedding decor and not just the common old peacock feathers, though I must say the peacock feather does give a great colour palette of teal, purple and green for a wedding.

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Winter Wedding Guest Fashion

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Here are some simple winter wedding guest fashion ideas. 

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How to Organise A Winter Wedding

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We may all think that spring or summer is the best time of year to get married, as the weather is often better and wedding organisation and decoration may appear to be easier.

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