10 Cute Wedding Flats Shoes

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High heels all day may be a bit too much, especially on the most important day of your life! At Norah Sleep we know you need to find shoes that are not only drop dead gorgeous, but are comfortable for a full day on your feet,

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5 Current Wedding Trends …

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At Norah Sleep we find weddings are becoming more personalised as each year passes and we see this year as being no different,

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Metallic Wedding Accessories

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We all like a little bit of glitz and a key place to show it off is on your wedding day through your wedding accessories. Choose sophisticated key pieces from shiny heels to a bright simple clutch.

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Be Inspired with These Wedding Gowns

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Your big day is so important that you need to find the perfect outfits for your entire wedding party, I think I may have found just what you are looking for on the high street.

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Find the Perfect Modern Bridesmaid Dresses

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It can be difficult to find the perfect modern bridesmaid dresses to suit all maids, but I think I may have found it with this beautiful dress from Monsoon, one dress worn five ways! So be prepared to be totally spoilt.

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Wedding Gowns You’ll Love!

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If you are planning a wedding for the cooler months, you will not have to sacrifice style with these inspired wedding gowns. A wedding is a very magical time, but often the weather can be inclement so choosing the right gown is important.

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Latest Instagram Fashion & Trends

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Norah Sleep’s now has its very own Instagram, have a quick peep at Norah’s Instagram.

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What’s Hot at Monsoon Wedding?

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Check out what is hot at Monsoon weddings at the moment.

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Latest in Wedding Heels

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Its official, the Wedding Season is here, so Moda in Pelle is focusing very much on the bride, bridesmaid and the wedding guest when it comes to sassy wedding heels and these wedding heels will definitely make the perfect wedding partner for the day.

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Be Instantly Inspired By These Blue Wedding Details

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Every bride and groom wants to stamp their own identity on their wedding day, but starting with a blank canvas can be quite daunting.

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