is A Winter Wedding on the Cards?

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If your perfect time is taking a walk on a cold crisp winter’s afternoon, skiing down a snowy mountain side, or just relaxing in front of a log fire,  then a winter wedding may be for you.

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Wedding Watch – Spring Wedding Details

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At NS we just love this time of year. Spring seems to bring in new life, and we find the spring wedding details are always bright and cheerful, with a mass of vivid colour. By just embracing some of  the spring colours

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A Few Fresh Wedding Ideas

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Buck the current wedding trends with a few fresh wedding ideas. After reviewing the popular wedding trends over the summer NS feels a little modernisation would not go amiss

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Stylish Ideas for A Halloween Themed Wedding

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Why not be a little different this autumn and have a stylish Halloween themed wedding in black and orange tones.

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DIY Lavender Votive Candle Holders: Rustic Theme

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At Norah Sleep we are currently in the process of designing a rustic theme for a marquee wedding and we do like to add a little individuality and put our own touch to our wedding designs.

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Norah’s Wedding Thoughts

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Do couples really need to be spending obscene amounts of money on one day?

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Norah Sleep’s Bunting Wedding

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When it comes to wedding styling,  a bunting wedding is just a fabulous look, especially if the chosen flags are in the wedding colour scheme.

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A Few of My Favourite Wedding Things

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Here are just a few of my favourite wedding things.

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Latest Ideas for Dressing Wedding Chairs

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I have just been to see Ana from S-linen, the lovely lady who supplies all my wedding linen  and I  picked up a few of the latest ideas and styles for dressing wedding chairs for your ceremony or reception for the coming year.

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Feathers and Frills for Your Wedding

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Feathers and frills are being used more and more for wedding decor and not just the common old peacock feathers, though I must say the peacock feather does give a great colour palette of teal, purple and green for a wedding.

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