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Yorkshire Dales Wedding

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Recently Norah Sleep styled a beautiful rustic themed Yorkshire Dales wedding, which was a very low key affair to celebrate the couple’s relationship with family and friends in a fun environment.

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DIY Naked Wedding Cake and Others

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I have spent many hours talking about the naked wedding cake, plus it is one of my most popular pins on Pinterest.  So some kind soul called Jessica from wayfair has taken pity on me and decided it was time that I was shown how to make a beautiful naked wedding cake,

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Wedding Events at John Lewis

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John Lewis is holding Wedding Events in selected stores, 7th and 8th May  and 15th and 16th October, from 6-8pm unless otherwise stated.

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How to Organise A Winter Wedding

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We may all think that spring or summer is the best time of year to get married, as the weather is often better and wedding organisation and decoration may appear to be easier.

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the Great Gatsby Wedding Affair

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The 1920’s and 30’s Hollywood glamour is very much back in vogue, especially after the remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.  With everyone now falling over themselves to connect to the Great Gatsby fantasy, it is a wedding theme that cannot be over looked.

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5 Wedding Cake Stand Ideas

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When it comes to wedding cakes we are often so busy getting the style and look of the cake right that we forget about how we are going to display the wedding cake.

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Cheesy Wedding Cake Ideas

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A cheese wedding cake? Yes, really, like this fabulous cheese cake designed by Katie Watts of  Couture Cakes. Wedding cakes made of cheese seem to be becoming more and more fashionable, replacing the traditional fruit or sponge tower.

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Norah’s Wedding Style Ideas

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Suppliers for the latest Norah’s Wedding Style Ideas –

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Why Wedding Cupcakes Are Ahead of Their Game?

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If you are looking for something a little different from the traditional tiered wedding cake then wedding cupcakes could be your answer.

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

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Cutting the wedding cake is a celebration in its self and is considered to be one of the main events of your wedding reception, along with speeches and wedding toasts. 

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