Stunning Engagement Rings …

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is not as easy as you think. With so many to choose from, it can take time to look through the very many different styles and cuts.

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Metallic Wedding Jewellery

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Accessorising your wedding dress is not an easy task especially with so much choice of affordable wedding jewellery around, from statement earrings through to flamboyant necklaces, plus an endless array of metals and stones.

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Timeless Dresses for Brides and Maids

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If you are a girl after my own heart and you are dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, then here are a few beautiful timeless dresses for you and your maids. 

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Fantasy Weddings!

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Imagine you are wearing a most elegant wedding gown and arriving at the church in style in your very own horse drawn carriage, ready to marry the man of your dreams.arriving 

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Perfect Wedding Accessories

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Choosing the correct wedding accessories to wear with your wedding dress can be difficult, as for most of us, it is not every day you get to wear an extra special dress and have the spotlight on you all day.

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the Great Gatsby Wedding Affair

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The 1920’s and 30’s Hollywood glamour is very much back in vogue, especially after the remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.  With everyone now falling over themselves to connect to the Great Gatsby fantasy, it is a wedding theme that cannot be over looked.

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Inspirational Ideas for an Emerald Green Wedding

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My dear Gran was a serious red head and her favourite colour was always emerald green, from room decor to dresses, jewellery and even shoes

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the True Meaning of Popular Gemstones

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Stones throughout history have played a very important role in human life, from little river stones carried by hunters as gratitude or lucky stones, to the magnificent stones at Stonehenge a place of pilgrim worship.

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