Wedding Thank You Notes

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We send out wedding invitations to our chosen wedding guests to announce a forthcoming wedding celebration, but what about after the wedding?

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Latest in Wedding Heels

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Its official, the Wedding Season is here, so Moda in Pelle is focusing very much on the bride, bridesmaid and the wedding guest when it comes to sassy wedding heels and these wedding heels will definitely make the perfect wedding partner for the day.

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Be Instantly Inspired By These Blue Wedding Details

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Every bride and groom wants to stamp their own identity on their wedding day, but starting with a blank canvas can be quite daunting.

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10 Ways to Embrace Your Wedding Colour Palette

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One of the most important wedding elements is chosing your wedding colour palette and thinking of ways to embrace your chosen wedding colour palette within your wedding.

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Wedding Events at John Lewis

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John Lewis is holding Wedding Events in selected stores, 7th and 8th May  and 15th and 16th October, from 6-8pm unless otherwise stated.

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Norah Sleep’s Bunting Wedding

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When it comes to wedding styling,  a bunting wedding is just a fabulous look, especially if the chosen flags are in the wedding colour scheme.

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Diy: A Stylish Black and White Wedding

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  Are you unsure about your wedding colours?  For a glamorous, timeless wedding style, a black and white colour scheme may be the answer.

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A Few of My Favourite Wedding Things

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Here are just a few of my favourite wedding things.

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Perfect Wedding Accessories

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Choosing the correct wedding accessories to wear with your wedding dress can be difficult, as for most of us, it is not every day you get to wear an extra special dress and have the spotlight on you all day.

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Latest Ideas for Dressing Wedding Chairs

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I have just been to see Ana from S-linen, the lovely lady who supplies all my wedding linen  and I  picked up a few of the latest ideas and styles for dressing wedding chairs for your ceremony or reception for the coming year.

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