Things You Need to Know for A Beach Wedding Ceremony

January 17, 2014

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Beach Wedding

If you have chosen the romantic option of a destination wedding including a beach wedding ceremony, the wedding ceremony details should be considered at the very start of the wedding planning process.

The first thing to think about is the timing of the wedding ceremony if the beach is open to the public. The later the wedding ceremony the more private the beach will be. For example, around sunset time the beach will be more deserted as most beach goers will have left.

A sunset ceremony must be timed accurately to ensure beautiful wedding photographs. Another perfect time for a wedding ceremony is early morning when the beach  is often cooler and again deserted, plus the early morning light is every photographer’s dream. Another element to consider is the tide; make sure your beach wedding ceremony takes place when the tide is going out, not coming in.

It is very important to keep to a strict time schedule, to ensure you have adequate time and the correct light for beach wedding photographs. A beach rehearsal is a must, as it will ensure the proposed ceremony layout and timings will fit with the overall wedding requirements and it will help to focus on other aspects such as arrival, whether on foot or via the sea.

For a beach wedding a simple beach bridal style should be considered, especially if you are taking your wedding gown on an aeroplane.

Beach wedding

This wonderfully feminine Arya bridal gown is ideal for a beach ceremony. The strapless gown’s fully boned bodice has intricate detailed floral embroidery and accents of sequins and pearls in white and silver trim, which also flows down to highlight the hemline. The flattering waistband and a full princess skirt, go spledidly with a pair of flat Italian leather sandals, complete with diamante trim and ankle strap, adding a bit of wedding sparkle. These shoes will easily take you from ceremony to reception. Complete the beach bridal look with Estée Lauder’s pure colour instant intense eye shadow trio in arctic zinc. Giving a illuminated highlighted and shimmer effect of metallic brilliance and instant colour intensity to the eyes which will lasting for 10 hours. Finish off with Laura Mercier crème, smooth luxurious lipstick in Brigitte to give wedding lips the ultimate beach wedding colour, texture, and finish. The cushioned lightweight texture is comfortable, while pure olive oil and vitamin E nourish lips is great for the beach. For little more defined use a lip liner pencil before or after applying the lipstick.

The fragrance of Bobbi Brown beach is the perfect bridal finishing touch, let the scent drift by as you walk down the aisle in your wedding gown.

Keeping a record of the number of guests is important, as each guest attending the ceremony should be provided with a chair, refreshment and some shelter, especially in a very hot climate.

Beach aisle carpet

Consider dressing the ceremony area to create elegance and drama. For a formal beach wedding ceremony a temporary floor may be required, though a tent structure may be too much and may obscure the view of the beach, sea and ceremony, taking away the romance of the occasion. A dressed aisle carpet is a fabulous idea as it gives the bride something to walk down and keeps the wedding dress clean. If carpet is too much mark the aisle way with sea shells or flower petals.

Beach ceremony

For a natural ambience seashells, driftwood and marine items such as a fishing boat, fishing nets, oars and anchors are in keeping with the surroundings, though local flowers, lanterns, tulle can all be added along the aisle to make a beautiful focal point.  If there is a structure over the ceremony area this can also be embellished with tulle. leaves and flowers.

Sunset ceremonies look fabulous lit by fire torches or storm lanterns.

Beach wedding walk

Have a back up plan for unpredictable weather, but do not let the weather spoil your overall wedding day, the weather will be what it is. Remember to assign a close friend to oversee everything on the day and don’t forget the sunblock. Finish the wedding ceremony with a sand pouring ceremony for the perfect finish, before walking hand in hand into the sunset as man and wife.

Beach photographs courtesy of InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort



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