March 2015

Metallic Wedding Accessories

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We all like a little bit of glitz and a key place to show it off is on your wedding day through your wedding accessories. Choose sophisticated key pieces from shiny heels to a bright simple clutch.

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Metallic Wedding Jewellery

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Accessorising your wedding dress is not an easy task especially with so much choice of affordable wedding jewellery around, from statement earrings through to flamboyant necklaces, plus an endless array of metals and stones.

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Be Inspired with These Wedding Gowns

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Your big day is so important that you need to find the perfect outfits for your entire wedding party, I think I may have found just what you are looking for on the high street.

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Timeless Dresses for Brides and Maids

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If you are a girl after my own heart and you are dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, then here are a few beautiful timeless dresses for you and your maids. 

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is A Winter Wedding on the Cards?

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If your perfect time is taking a walk on a cold crisp winter’s afternoon, skiing down a snowy mountain side, or just relaxing in front of a log fire,  then a winter wedding may be for you.

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