January 2014

Feathers and Frills for Your Wedding

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Feathers and frills are being used more and more for wedding decor and not just the common old peacock feathers, though I must say the peacock feather does give a great colour palette of teal, purple and green for a wedding.

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Some of the Hottest Wedding Trends

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I thought I would bring you up to date with some of the hottest wedding trends as we see them at NS and you may even find yourself wanting to include one or two of these details in your wedding:

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Things You Need to Know for A Beach Wedding Ceremony

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If you have chosen the romantic option of a destination wedding including a beach wedding ceremony, the wedding ceremony details should be considered at the very start of the wedding planning process.

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Glamourous Gold Wedding Ideas

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By adding a drop of gold to your wedding colour palette you bring an instant sparkle of romance and sophistication to your wedding day. 

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Gorgeous Bridal Details Photographed By Will Rodriguez

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The amazingly talented Will Rodriguez lets his lens tell the wedding story and captures some gorgeous, stylish bridal details in the process.

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Ideas for Floral Wedding Centrepieces

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You can find incredible value for money floral wedding centrepieces if you shop around. Local florists do not have the expensive overheads of a retail shop and can often be cheaper.

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