November 2013

13 Top Wedding Tips

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Planning your wedding can be a very exciting and a fun process or a minefield of uncertainty, especially with so many options and styles to choose from in today’s market.

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the Great Gatsby Wedding Affair

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The 1920’s and 30’s Hollywood glamour is very much back in vogue, especially after the remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.  With everyone now falling over themselves to connect to the Great Gatsby fantasy, it is a wedding theme that cannot be over looked.

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5 Wedding Cake Stand Ideas

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When it comes to wedding cakes we are often so busy getting the style and look of the cake right that we forget about how we are going to display the wedding cake.

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How to Use A Wedding Monogram

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I have noticed wedding monograms are becoming a popular trend in America and taking over on the design front to feature very strongly in all or some aspects of the wedding day detail

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Ideas for A True Blue Wedding

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Blue is a lovely colour for any wedding colour scheme. Here are a few simple blue wedding ideas for a fabulous blue wedding theme.

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A Talented Wedding Photographer is in Town

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I am always looking for new talent, and here is a another gifted wedding photographer – London based Jean-Marc Mulomba-Sonet at 1 Chapter Photography 

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A Perfect Wedding Checklist

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You’re engaged! Let’s start planning – Here is my quick wedding checklist to help you plan your wedding.

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How to Create A Sophisticated Vintage Edwardian Wedding Theme

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With the current period drama “Downton Abbey” influencing today’s fashion vintage inspired Edwardian bohemia seems to be coming to the forefront

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